The Intelligencer endorses Madeleine Dean

From The Intelligencer editorial board:

“Josh Shapiro’s victory in last November’s Montgomery County commissioners race left an opening in the state Legislature, and now two novice candidates are vying to fill the vacant seat in the 153rd District (most of Abington and about half of Upper Dublin).

What makes the April 24 contest between Democrat Madeleine Dean and Republican Nick Mattiacci different is that, regardless of who wins the special election to finish out the final eight months of Shapiro’s term, Dean and Mattiacci — as the unopposed nominees of their respective parties — will face each other again in November when they compete for a full term. The advantages of winning next week are the victor will claim “incumbent” status in the fall and, more importantly, will have gained a little experience in the workings of state government.


Mattiacci believes that, overall, the recently enacted voter ID legislation is a good law (we don’t), and that defined benefit pensions for state employees should not be eliminated (we think they must be eliminated).

What really floored us, however, were his comments about Act 13, the controversial law governing the gas drilling industry. Mattiacci expressed confidence that the safety regulations passed by Republican lawmakers are sufficient, and that the Legislature would never pass a bill that endangered Pennsylvania citizens. Such naivete can hardly be reassuring to voters.


We’re endorsing Madeleine Dean. We believe she offers a maturity that Mattiacci lacks…”

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